This is my most seldom used technique but I still love it and I still want to pass it on in case any of you love it even more. Rim light comes in all shapes and sizes but it follows one main principle: a dark subject with just s a sliver of light on them. If you search rim light on Google, you'll see the more extreme version of this. Personally, I use it more like a skinny directional light. With light coming in from one side or from the side and just behind her with no light coming in on the other side. This creates a more dramatic look and a darker type of simplicity than you may be used to seeing from me.


5D III + 50L (shot through plastic sheeting)

To create a broad rim light in the image above I shot Dre with a skinny window to her right and a black card on her left. The window  gave a sliver of directional light to define her profile and light her eyes while the black card on the other side killed any light that would have bounced back in.